About Sing Your Magic

Sing Your Magic aims to help aspiring singers sing and sound like todays pop singers, within weeks instead of years.


What People are Saying

“A few hours with Marie taught me more than the 5 years I spend practicing at a conventional music school. Marie showed me that I can sing everything I want. I hear myself sing in ways I thought only Christina Aguilera could!”
Cynthia P.
“I managed to sing the chorus of Beyoncé’s song Listen, after just 4 lessons. It was wobbly as I’d never reached these notes before. However, I was beyond surprised at how easy it was to sing them with a strong and emotional sound.”
Jess H.

I’m Marie,

And in this picture I’m finally singing the way I’ve always wanted to sing.

However, it took a long time before I found singing techniques that actually help aspiring singers sing in a pop style.

If you’re doing your lip trills, tongue trills, sing your scales, sing through the diaphragm with your chest, head, mix and belt -voice; and you still don’t get closer to singing in a pop style… It’s probably not you.

No matter if you’re a beginner or have been practicing for years; you can use the same techniques todays pop singers use, to transform your singing voice.

Many people believe that you must be talented to sing and sound like a pop singer.

Or that you can only change your singing voice slightly.

From there, it’s easy to get stuck in that cycle of doing your daily singing exercises and hoping for that (slow) shift towards what pop singers sing and sound like.

Lucky for us, that’s not necessary.

With the right techniques you can:

  • activate the sounds todays pop singers sing with.
  • learn to get good at singing with them.
  • and improve every time you practice.

Plus, you can do all this within weeks instead of years.

The Kick-Start Course

Find Your Pop Voice

Through this course you’ll discover how find your pop voice and get good at singing with it, within weeks instead of years.