The Sing Your Magic Course

How a ‘sound-first approach’ to singing, will help you achieve a sound that clearly belongs in today’s music industry, within 8 weeks

Dear ambitious singer,

Getting the SOUNDS, you want out of your voice, every time you sing? Yes!

In EVERY part of your range, not only your low and middle notes? Yes!

Singing with the same ease as your favorite artist? Yes!

Having a sound that clearly belongs in today’s music industry? Yes!

What’s the secret?

It’s what I call a ‘Sound-First Approach’ to singing.

Many singers do the same exercises over and over again for YEARS, hoping their sound will shift towards what they hear in today’s music industry.

With a ‘Sound-First Approach’to singing, you do it backwards.

First you activate the sounds, then learn to sing with them (which is easy…)

It took me 9 years to figure it out, but since the past year or so,

  • I finally get the sounds I want out of my singing voice,
  • sing with ease
  • and instead of feeling too embarrassed to record my songs, I now WANT to record them with it!

Which is what I loooove helping other singers achieve within WEEKS, instead of years.

In the first session with Marije, I heard my sound shifting. It went from musical-ish to the exact emotional sound I was looking for.
I never thought that I would record my first EP this year. Incredible.

Jessica H.

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • you’re spending time and money doing exercises, without getting the sounds you want out of your voice?
  • training your singing voice for YEARS on end, without sounding anything like what you hear in today’s music industry? Or getting closer to it?
  • starting to doubt your natural talent for singing, because nothing is working?
  • or maybe you see other singers go through this and you’re carefully avoiding to start?

I love helping singers unlock their natural talent and move on with their lives, so they can actually do something with their passion!

It doesn’t take ‘at least’ 3 years to become a good singer…

So many singers fall for this myth.

They take conventional singing lessons from teachers that don’t sound anything like what you hear in today’s music industry,

…and after 3 to 5 years they give up, if not sooner.

A few hours with Marije taught me more than the 5 years I spend practicing at a conventional music school. Marije showed me that I can sing everything I want. I hear myself sing in ways I thought only Christina Aguilera could!

Cynthia P.

Every time I hear a singer say something along the lines of ‘I didn’t know it could be this easy’ or ‘I didn’t know I could sound like that’, I feel like I’ve done my job.

To spread the love, I’ve decided to create an online course with all the shortcuts that I know about.  

Let me introduce you to…

The Sing Your Magic Course

“The step by step guide towards a sound that resonates with people in today’s music industry, in your unique way”

Each of the 5 modules, contain individual video lessons teaching you how to achieve a sound that resonates with people in today’s music industry + how to sing with ease.

This is an overview of the 5 modules:

Module 1. Why you only need 2 sounds to make all sounds
  • learn about the 2 sounds that make all sounds
  • how to use them to unlock all the high notes you already have (hint: they’re hiding in plain sight)
  • 2 secrets that help singers learn to sing even faster
Module 2. Activate Sound One (the one with the most density)
  • 4 ways to activate Sound One
  • 2 easy tricks to shape Sound One. (from emotional and deep to cute and light)
  • How to get Sound One into your system FAST (no lalala’s, or other tedious exercises, I promise)
Module 3. How to sing with ease
  • How to have more stamina/power and sing with ease
Module 4. Activate Sound Two (that lush and whispery sound)
  • 2 ways to activate Sound Two
  • 2 easy tricks to shape Sound One
  • The secret behind those really really really whispery sounds
Module 5. Unlock your hidden high notes
  • Unlock your hidden high notes with both of the sounds
  • How add sparkle to your high notes
  • 2 ways to make your high notes emotionally intense

Every week, a new module will be available, and (while you’re reading this) I’m still filming and editing.

The first 2 modules are done and I’m super excited about them because I know that they will help you tremendously.

Join now for an introductory price

But because the course is not fully done, you can grab it now for an introductory price.

You won’t notice ANYTHING of the last modules still being filmed and edited, because every week a new module opens up and the course will be done before you arrive at the last module.

When the last module is added to the online program and the course is officially done, the price will go up.

But even the higher price point will not be shocking.

6 months of the cheapest singing lessons will cost you way more! About £600, –

I paid AT LEAST £1200 for what I know, and I want to give you that information for a fraction of that.

To help you.

In addition to that, you’ll get 3 bonusses you can start to use from day one

Valued at £57,-

Valued at £37,-

Valued at £27,-

Ultimately, you recieve:

Sing Your Magic Course – 457,-GBP

You’ll recieve the 5 modules, each containing individual video lessons on how to achieve a sound that resonates with people in today’s music industry, in you own unique way.

Fast riffs and runs with that
every-note-defined-sound – 57,- GBP

No more riffs and runs that are too slow, hard to perform or have that slurred-together-sound.
You’ll learn the secret behind fast riffs and runs.
They seem difficult but they’re actually not.

Unlock your natural vibrato – 37,- GBP

Discover how to trick your body into your natural vibrato. Plus how to use vibrato to add moments of extra intensity to your riffs and runs.

How to easily release unwanted tension while singing – 27,- GBP

Most of the time, learning the sound-first approach to singing itself, releases all the tension. But sometimes we need a little extra help. These two easy strategies help you relax essential parts of the body, in an instant.

Total: 578,- GBP

Again, the cheapest singing lessons will cost you £1200, A YEAR.

I’ve paid at least £1200 for this information, but more important than that…

….to be able share your natural talent with the world, is priceless…


What is it worth to you to get the sounds you want out of your voice, every day?

♥ What is it worth to you to feel confident as a singer in today’s music industry?

♥ What is it worth to you NEVER having to do another pointless exercise again?

♥ What is it worth to you to share your talent with the world?

And how long do you want to wait to finally feel this way? How many days, months or even years of your life have you waited to unlock your natural talent and share it with the world?
Don’t let it become more!

As soon as the all the modules are filmed, the price is going up to £497, –

But now you can join for the introductory price of just £97, –  

So, if you’re someone who likes a bargain, this is the time for action because the last modules can be finished any moment now.

You also have a 30-day money back guarantee.

In these 30 day’s you can finish more than half of the course and you’ve already seen some amazing shifts in your singing voice. If you don’t see results, just sent me an email and you get a full refund of the money you’ve invested in your singing voice, no questions asked.

I expect that the last modules are done within 2 weeks, so if you wait longer than that, you can still join but then for the normal (and higher) price.

There’s nothing like this course anywhere online. It’s made by me and it’s totally unique.

It’s an amalgamation of a 9-year search for the right information and all the knowledge I obtained from books, courses, personal coaching and experimentation.

So, if you want to stop wasting time and money on doing unnecessary exercises that don’t work and instead want to unlock your natural talent, activate the sounds that clearly belong in today’s music industry and make them your own… use this course to get there.
There’s no risk. Click the button below to join and start right away with the first video or the 2 bonusses.

578,- GBP £97

(one time payment)

You want this.

A singing voice that belongs in today’s music industry is waiting for you.

You won’t regret it.

Thank you for reading this page,

This was Marije from Sing Your Magic HQ, speaking to you from the Netherlands,

and I can’t wait to introduce you to my way of singing.

PS: Again, if you buy now, you’ll join for the introductory price.

There’s a money-back guarantee so there’s no risk.

Me and other singers are living proof that this works.

If you think you want to join, now is the time.

Click on the button below and I see you in the first video.

578,- GBP £97

(one time payment)

In case you’re interested, but you don’t want to join.

Think about what will happen in the days, weeks, months, years to come.

NOTHING. Everything stays the same.

You’ll keep doing lip trills, lalala’s and singing through the diaphragm, without getting the sounds you want out of your voice.

You start to believe you’re just not talent enough to be a singer in today’s music industry and you run the risk of giving up on your dream of touching people’s hearts with the songs you sing.

Don’t let that happen.

578,- GBP £97

(one time payment)