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The #1 Key Pop Singers Use to Achieve a Sound That Clearly Belongs,
in Today's Music Industry

You'll learn:

  • why lip trills, tongue trills, singing through the mask or the diaphragm, are the WORST things singers can do to achieve a sound that clearly belongs in today's music industry.
  • how to not only hit the high notes, but sing them with the sounds that resonate with people in 2021.
  • how a total beginner can activate a sound that ticks the boxes of today's music industry, within weeks, instead of years.

In the first session with Marije, I heard my sound shifting. It went from musical-ish to the exact emotional sound I was looking for.
I never thought that I would record my first EP this year. Incredible.

Jessica H.

A few hours with Marije taught me more than the 5 years I spend practicing at a conventional music school. Marije showed me that I can sing everything I want. I hear myself sing in ways I thought only Christina Aguilera could!

Cynthia P.

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