How to mesmerise everyone, with your singing voice.

The other day I was listening to Adele doing her thing, and I was wondering.

Would we even care if she couldn’t sing high notes?

Or riffs and runs?

I wouldn’t…

The thing that actually brings people to tears, is her sound.

I believe THAT’S where it all starts for us as singers.

Even for beginners…

What people connect to, resonate with, is our sound.

It’s not just about being able to reach the high notes,

it’s about how these notes make people feel.

And the truth is, 

There are certain sound characteristics people in 2020 to be mesmerised by it.

What resonates with people today,

and what touches them emotionally is completely different than 20 years ago. Even 10 years ago!

On top of that, we all want to hear something unique in the singers we listen to.

Something special.

And that brings me to the formula we as pop singers must apply, to our sound.

The formula.

This formula consists out of 2 steps. 

Step one is activating the sounds singers in today’s music industry use. 

Step two is, shaping them into our own special flavour.

That’s it!

Sadly, many aspiring pop singers get stuck trying to even get to level one. 

They go to their weekly singing lessons, doing exercises like:

  • hissing
  • singing through the diaphragm
  • lip trills
  • tongue trills
  • singing scales
  • singing through the mask

While HOPING it will shift their sound towards what people connect to what people listen to in 2020.

But it doesn’t shift…

It took me 9 YEARS to figure out what actually helps aspiring pop singers achieve a sound that clearly belongs in today’s music industry.

I love helping them activate those sounds, within WEEKS instead of years. 

After which they can put their own unique spin on it..

That’s it!

That’s all we need to get a handle on as aspiring pop singers.

From there it’s easy to add more stuff.

Like more high notes, riffs and runs and what not.

But let me ask you. 

What would you do with a singing voice that has the sound characteristics people resonate with?

Would you start that YouTube channel?

Would your record your songs?

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The #1 Key Pop Singers Use to Achieve a Sound That Clearly Belongs,
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