How to sing high notes with power.

Most aspiring pop singers learn to sing high notes, with the most confusing system on the planet.

They learn to use chest-voice for low to middle notes and head-voice and belt-voice, for high notes.

And the most frustrating thing about this framework, is that singers do gain high notes like this.

But, these singers soon notice, that:

There’s a difference between singers who make people feel things once sing high notes

and singers who are merely ABLE to hit them…

I know how frustrating it is to be able to sing high notes, 

that sound everything but impactful..

Right at the moment I wanted to make people feel something…

At the time I was using the chest voice, head voice but also the mix voice framework. 

If you want to know why mix voice doesn’t work, read: why finding mix voice doesn’t work, and what does.

As a result my sound wasn’t consistent. 

I had shift techniques many times during a song.

It was a mess. 

I would listen to other pop singers, who made singing high notes with power, look easy..

And it was frustrating because I couldn’t figure out what they did differently.

I would hear how they sang with a consistent sound throughout their whole range.

With multiple intensities and flavours.

They didn’t have to switch techniques once they hit their high notes. 

Plus they could sing with more power, whenever they wanted.  

Until I figured it out.

You see, the singers who do pull this off, have a different approach.

They ONLY sing with sounds that don’t have range limits.

That’s it!

There’re two sounds that function like that.

Sound one has much density to it.

And sound two is whispery.

For powerful high notes, we need as much density as we can get into our sound.

So, that’s sound two.

Most singers are already happy with the amount of power sound two gives, to their high notes.

But from there you can add even more intensity, if that’s what you want. 

Sia does this oftentimes by adding a little sob combined with vocal fry at the start of a word.

That’s one of the ways she adds more emotion to her sound. 
If you want to know more about how to add more emotion to your sound, read: how to sing like Sia: 5 keys to an emotional sound.  

Another way to sound more intense, is by applying a light version of ‘the hold’, to your high notes.

The hold is what happens in your throat, when you hold your breath. 

To sound more intense and powerful, many pop singers add a very light version of that sensation, to their high notes.

But I want to urge you to only try that, once you’ve achieved a great amount of density in your sound, when singing high notes. 

So, now you know how to sing high notes with power.

My question for you. 

What if you would only sing with sounds that don’t have range limits…

Can trust that your high notes are easy to reach…

And it’s easy sing high notes with power…

What kinds of songs would you sing?

What kinds of songs would you write?

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