How to sing like Sia: 5 keys to an emotional sound.

Every singer in today’s music industry shapes the sound of their singing voice, towards something unique.

Sia shapes her sound to be deeply emotional. 

These are 5 keys you can use to create an emotional sound, just like Sia does. 

 1. Heavy Vowel Bends

Sia mostly bends her vowels towards closed vowels. One heavy bend happens when she starts the chorus of her song Chandelier, with Um instead of I’m.

These kinds of bends towards closed vowels make her sound more emotional, but that’s not the only thing they’re good for.

Closed vowels (plus 2 other elements, so don’t be discouraged if this doesn’t work) are crucial for singers who want to add more density into their sound.

2. Cancelling consonants

Sia’s consonants have almost left the building, which gives her that highly emotional sound we all love her for.

By softening the consonants, the vowels become the main dish of the words you sing, and this results in a more emotional sound.

3. The density in her high notes

Sia sings with a lot of density in her high notes. This density helps her achieve that intensity she loves hit us in the heart with.

This density is, in my opinion, not achieved by using mix voice, but a different sound altogether. But that’s for another article: how to sing high notes with power.

4. Little sobs

In Dutch we say ‘snikjes’ and the closest I got in English was: little sobs.

When Sia launches into a heart wrenching chorus, that’s what she does.

She does a little sob which she oftentimes combines with a vocal fry to make it even extra extra extra emotional.

5. A singing accent

Like most singers in today’s music industry, Sia has her own singing accent.

I think her particular singing accent is something magical she must have channeled from a planet we have yet to discover.

Creating a singing accent is usually the cherry on top.

Most singers learn to do this, after they’ve already achieved a sound that ticks the boxes of today’s music industry.

Nevertheless, a singing accent is what we need if we want to stand out in that industry too.

That’s it!

So, now you know how to sing like Sia and how to make your sound more emotional.

I hope you have a lot fun experimenting with these 5 ways to shape the sound of your singing voice.

And if you want to know more about achieving a sound that ticks the boxes of today’s music industry, make sure you sign up for my free training below.

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