It doesn’t have to be complicated to sing from your belly (aka diaphragm) and for the user friendly version, you’re at the right place.

In this article you’ll discover:

  • What singing from your belly/diaphragm is.
  • The downside doing it too soon.
  • 1 simple way to sing from your belly/diaphragm.

Let’s dive in.

What singing from your belly or diaphragm is.

Singing from the belly or diaphragm means using certain muscles in the torso to control how much air to hold on to or let go of while singing.

Plus, how much power those muscles need to use to sing with certain sounds.

That’s what these kinds of exercises are for:

  • lip trills
  • tongue trills
  • humming through a straw
  • hissing
  • tensing and relaxing specific muscles in the torso

The goal of these exercises is to help singers get a feel for how much air to hold on to or let go of while making certain sounds.

Which muscles to use to do that.

Plus, how much power those muscles need to use at what moment.

Since these muscles are placed most around the belly button, it’s called singing from the belly.

But it’s also called ‘singing from the diaphragm’ or ‘breath support’.

Getting this singing technique right results in:

  • being able to sing safely without strain.
  • sing louder and higher without strain.
  • sing long notes and sentences without getting out of breath.

However, there’s a catch.

The downside of ‘singing from your belly or diaphragm’ too soon.

The catch is that many who learn to sing from the belly / diaphragm do so too soon.
What I mean by that is that they learn to sing through the diaphragm before they activate the sounds they want to sing with.
Instead of after.
Therefore, they end up practicing this mechanism on the sounds that happen to come out of their mouth while doing that lip trill, tongue trill or when applying that muscle tension in the torso.
Plus, they learn to attach or associate these sensations to what that sound needs to function.
Instead of the sounds they actually want to sing with…

Should you learn to sing from your belly and diaphragm?

When it comes to singing from the diaphragm it all comes down to the right timing.

Let me explain.

It’s common for aspiring singers to learn to sing from the belly/diaphragm from the get-go.

However, since it’s unlikely you start out your singing journey having access to the sound characteristics you want to sing with in the long run, this can lead to learning a faulty coordination of this mechanism.

I’ve found that it save a lot of time to first activate the sounds you want to sing with and then learn to sing from the belly/diaphragm.

Since my specific focus is on singing in a pop style, I would first help you activate the sounds todays pop singers sing with and then teach you how to sing from your belly.
This way you learn the right coordination from the start.
You don’t waste time learning the wrong coordination with sounds you don’t want to sing with.
Plus, you don’t have to start over once you do activate the sounds you want to sing with.

1 simple way to sing from your belly or diaphragm.

The simplest way to start singing from your belly is by using this thing I call Belly Talk.

To find the Belly Talk -sensation in your body follow the upcoming 2 steps.

Step 1.

Pretend to blow out one of those tiny little candles they stick in a birthday cake that don’t take much effort to blow out from up close.

Feel what happens in your torso and more specifically in your belly right behind and around your belly button.

Step 2:

Get a book or manual and read a couple of sentences out loud while pretending to pronounce the words you speak from right behind your belly button.

While doing so, notice how your body engages the same muscles in the same way as when you would blow out that tiny little birthday candle from up close.

You should feel little bursts with every word or couple of words you speak.

Not a sustained amount of tension but little burst connected to the individual words or every couple of words you speak, at a time.

Also notice how other muscles in your torso start to engage, naturally, as you get closer to using up the air in your lungs.

Make sure you don’t force this to happen.

Also make sure you relax everything again when inhaling.

If you want a certain word or part of a sentence to come out louder/stronger, simply give it a bigger burst.

The only thing you must be aware of is that if you get too loud you could lose some of the weight/density in your sound.

Plus, for some of us it could also happen that loudness contributes to a more classical/musical theater kind of sound.

The key to making it work is getting a feel for how big of a burst is needed for the words you speak or sing.

It depends on your core strength, how big of a burst you need every time.

The stronger your muscles the smaller your already little bursts become.

So beware that when you gain more core strength that you need to re-calibrate this mechanism a little.

How to start singing from your belly aka diaphragm.

So, the easiest way to get used to adding the ‘belly talk’ -sensation to your singing voice, is by first adding it to your speaking voice in daily conversation.
Then, after a couple of days it’s easier to add it to the songs you’re currently practicing.
Of course, make sure you’re ready to add this new sensation to the existing mix of sensations you’re practicing at this time.

That’s it.

This is how singing through the diaphragm works and how singers sing safely without strain, sing louder and higher without strain and sing long notes and sentences without getting out of breath.

Now you know how to sing from your belly or diaphragm.

I hope this was helpful.

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